About Kartik Dixit

Kartik Dixit | HoustonKartik Dixit works as a Senior Project Manager with years of experience working in and around the technology industry. He loves being able to lead large teams in multi-faceted projects in order to lead to the best possible outcome for his clients. Kartik Dixit has a proven track record with sizable projects, including his role in implementing a PMO to manage a $200 million project portfolio. Over the course of his career, he has hit major milestones like managing more than 70 employees and more than a $20 million operating budget. The positive role he aims to play inside the office, he attempts to recreate in his community as well.

Kartik Dixit earned his undergraduate degree at Delhi University in New Delhi, India, He quickly realized his passions for maths, sciences and problem solving. At Delhi University, Dixit studied Mathematics, ultimately obtaining his Bachelor of Science in the field. He went on to study stateside at the University of Houston, where he studied Mathematics and minored in Computer Science. Dixit loved seeing how the two seemed to meld into each other. Dixit culminated his studies at the University of Houston with Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Kartik Dixit has worked with a large variety of diverse companies over the years, including: Aera Energy, TPC Group, Schlumberger, Microsoft, Equilon, ChevronTexaco, Air Liquide, AIM Funds, Harris County Auditor’s Office, City of Houston, BMC, SITEL, Ashford.com, and CCG Venture Partners to name a few.

In his spare time, Kartik Dixit seeks out ways to get involved and better the world around him on a grassroots level. Living in Houston, he takes great pride in the positive change he stimulates there through his involvement. Given his interest in real estate, Dixit became involved in The Bunker Hill West Civic Club, a property owners’ association that aims to foster community and develop, manage and maintain public common areas. He has played numerous roles within the organization culminating in his current role as president.